was started in January of 2000.  I got the idea about doing this from a Sports Illustrated article about rivals.com and the internet coverage of college sports. I thought it  would be a good idea for Northern Indiana and so I gave it a shot. For the first nine months I tried to coverage all the sports but it was just too overwhelming. When I saw that Earl Mishler was doing www.etpearl.com for basketball I decided to take a break and regroup.

    Some break...I spent three months getting Jimtown football information from the past 25 years and entering it into a football computer program that I have. Then I thought it would be neat to do get football information for other schools and so here I am ready for the new season to begin hoping to get statistics from everybody to post on the web. If you love statistics, you are going to love this site. It you want a chat room and other such things this site is not for you. All I want to do is to present the facts of what happened and what players did what. This computer program does the rest and the different types of information presented is just awesome. 

    So please get me the stats and enjoy the site. And thanks for the nice e-mails and the mistakes you point out to me from time-to-time. And if you want to help out or place a ad just let me know. Have a great season and we'll be cross paths on some football field this fall.

    Mark Candler-President     

ADS start at just $40.00 and will be up until next summer (2002).  I appreciate your support!

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